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Flowers Honey

Flowers Honey which has a mild sweet taste, is a seasonal honey which is collected from flowers and herbs nectar mainly during spring and summer. It is collected from areas in Northern Greece and Thessalia and contains pollen from different flowers at varying proportions. Their physical and therapeutic properties as well as their color vary according to the type of flower that is harvested by the bees in the hive.

Harvest Area: Northern Greece / Thessalia

Orange Blossom Honey

Orange blossom is a mild light colored honey which has an excellent flavor and intense aroma. It is collected from the wider region of Peloponnese, which is famous for its orange groves. Orange blossom honey has a high nutritional value, it is rich in minerals and trace elements among other important substances.

Harvest Area: Peloponnese

Oak Honey

Famous for its nutritional properties and health benefits Oak honey blackish in color, is produced from a rare crop and has a high content of pollen, making it a nutritious nectar with many beneficial characteristics. It is collected from areas of Northern Greece, Thessalia and Peloponesse where mountainous oak forests are still in existence.

Harvest Area: Thessalia / Peloponnese / Northern Greece

Arbutus Honey

Arbutus Honey is collected from the nectar dews of the spring Arbutus (Arbutus Unedo) and its high nutritional value makes it extremely suitable for the stimulation of our body due to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It has a unusual bitter/sweet complex multi layered taste and it is collected in Northern Greece and Epirus.

Harvest Area: Epirus / Northern Greece

Thyme an Flowers Honey

An exceptional combination of two unique types of honey, the Thyme and Flowers variety is a tasteful honey with a strong aroma. Thyme honey is collected from Aegean islands and Crete and Flowers honey from Northern Greece and Thessalia. This variety combines the nutritional properties and health benefits of Thyme which has specific biological properties and Flowers honey which has physical and therapeutic properties.

Harvest Area: Aegean Islands / Crete / Northern Greece / Thessalia

Honey with Honeycomb

Honeycomb with honey is extracted directly from the hive without any kind of processing, as created by the bees. It is a 100% natural product with great beneficial properties for the stomach. Chewing, the honeycomb covered in honey you get all the therapeutical and nutritive properties. The wax, produced from special bee glands, is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and also contains antibiotics and has a strong immune effect.

Harvest Area: Northern Greece / Thessalia